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AU by SilvestianRose
I can't believe I never posted these, LEL
It's Denhi, apocalypse AU UvU
Denhi Ref Sheet by SilvestianRose
Denhi Ref Sheet
-Forgive my terrible handwriting, Photoshop didn't want to work.
-Comments always appreciated.
-Gotta get my sister's tablet not so I can finish commissions ;w;

Name: Denhi Cadisten

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 5'1"

Weight: Usually around 113 lbs - changes depending on the time of year and his activity levels. During the fall he'll weigh around 130 lbs, due to low activity levels and an unaltered summer diet, and by the end of winter, he can weigh as little as ninety lbs, because he sleeps for the most part, and seldom remembers to eat.

Species: Okapi/Bongo
---His mother was a fully anthromorphic okapi, and his father was a human-bongo mix.

A-melanism: Denhi isn't really albino, but he is a-melanistic which is very similar. Depending on his mood, he can be very self conscious about this trait, or incredibly happy with it. During the summer, he can't get too much sunlight because he sunburns easily, and has to wear long sleeves, which usually make him overheat with as small as he is.

IQ: Low
---He's clever, but never had any schooling of any sort, and would most likely fail an IQ test if he had to take one.

Fears: The Dark, Abandonment, Airports, Thunder, Ghosts, Death, and Snow Leopards.
*The Dark
---He never feared the dark when he was younger and lived on the streets, it wasn't until he actually got used to living inside a home, that he formed this fear.
---When he was six years old, he was separated from his father at an airport, and has yet to find reunite with either of his parents, due to nationality and citizenship issues.
---He's not especially fond of any loud noises, but when those loud noises are also connected to potentially dangerous electrical death strikes, he has a very low tolerance for them.
---He's highly nervous when it comes to anything paranormal, due to some of his cultural beliefs, he doesn't like to be around death, or even think about it, for fear of causing something bad to happen.
*Snow Leopards
---He doesn't like to talk about that.

Diet: Denhi doesn't like "healthy" foods, or anything labeled as healthy even if it tastes good. He doesn't eat meat, but also dislikes vegetable and most fruit, meaning that his diet consists mainly of junk food and candy, which is both bad for his health, and his teeth.

Hobbies: Denhi likes to sew and design outfits, but is far too nervous to ever take credit for his own work and usually sells his designs royalty-free to companies whenever they're interested. He enjoys drawing, but seldom takes the time to create anything and has owned the same sketch book for nearly seven years, proving how little he uses it. The hobby he enjoys most is cooking, but he almost always burns the food he makes, and as of such never feeds it to anyone.

Job: As a result of his lack of schooling, and self-conscious designing, he either can't get well paying jobs, or is too nervous to take them, and instead works at a western bar/diner as a waiter.

Tattoo (trampstamp): He really had no reason to get the tattoo other than the fact that he wanted one, he got some sad sack to pay for it when he was sixteen and picked from the premade selection. He's never regretted it, but he does want to get one that's more meaningful in the future.

Broken Horn: Soon after he turned nineteen he was in a bit of an accident and lost his horn as a result. No one knows the full details, because he tends to shy away from the topic, but it's suspected that he may have been attacked in some form of hatecrime, due to the nature of some of his other injuries, which have long since healed.

Clothes: He adores clothes, mostly dresses and cute things, and almost never wears anything made for males. Some of his outfits were designed by himself, some were presents, and some were bought from various places. If he can make himself look pretty, even the worst day is automatically made better.

Hair: He hates tending to his hair, and never brushes it. He normally has other people brush it for him, or completely leaves it unattended if he can't do that or afford a salon date. Once a year, during the beginning of winter, he has to cut his hair, due to the fact that it eventually becomes stained pink due to the natural oils his skin produces. His hair is at its full length during the summer, which is about three feet, and grows about 24'' a year, which is roughly four times faster than the average.

Sleep Schedule: Denhi has an incredibly incredibly abnormal sleep schedule, he's visited doctors for it before, but those visits are anything but inconclusive, so for the most part, he'll sleep whenever he can. He's usually tired, or thinks he is, and can sleep for up to a day and a half without waking if nothing disturbs him. Usually, though, he's far too interested in soap opera marathons and designing clothes to stay asleep that long.

Health: Denhi has an underactive immune system which make him more prone to catching colds and cough. He also has a sensitive stomach, which could either be a result of his picky eating, or the cause of it, and usually doesn't eat things he's never tried before.
Flirt by SilvestianRose
I like to draw him in weird outfits 8I
He basically works at an extreme version of hooters - so he gets stuck in outfits like this a-lot.
Family by SilvestianRose
Denhi with his parents UvU his mother is an Okapi and his father is a bongo.
His first language is french, and he got lost in an airport when he was six, which is why he's now  in the US ;w;


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